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Ajaco Towing employee captured on video saying n-word

Ajaco Towing employee captured on video saying n-word

A New Jersey towing company has lost its contract with a township after one of its employees was captured on camera calling a customer the n-word.

The altercation took place outside of Ajaco Towing in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township. Police are seen holding the towing company employee back at the top of a set of stairs and trying to get him inside of the building. The employee, who has not been identified, is screaming at the man recording the argument. When the employee is finally pushed inside, he is heard shouting the n-word.

NBC New York reports that the man who was recording had his car towed after getting into an accident. When he went to get his vehicle, things got out of control. The owner of Ajaco Towing, Jason Cleffi, said the man behind the cell phone recording had been there for an hour arguing with employees after he was unable to pay the towing bill. He then left and returned with the cops and words were exchanged. Cleffi claims the man recording threatened his employee.

“Two men got into a heated argument that never should’ve happened,” Cleffi told NBC New York. “I take it very serious. I have to apologize for my employee’s action, I have to apologize to anyone who had to be subjected to that. I do not tolerate that.”

Here is more from NBC New York:

The town of Parsippany called the employee’s behavior “inexcusable,” and said in a statement that “After reviewing the video, the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills and the Parsippany Police Department has decided to no longer use Ajaco Towing effective immediately. Additionally, Ajaco Towing has been removed from any rotation list for any towing business conducted by municipal operations.”

Cleffi said that “both men should be reprimanded for their behavior,” saying that the racist language “was used in both party’s mouths.”

NBC New York attempted to contact the man who recorded the video and who was on the receiving end of the racial slur, but he did not respond to a request for comment. Parsippany Police said the department is continuing its investigation.

The Morristown Daily Record reports that the employee who yelled the racial slur has been suspended pending further investigation.